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Media Data Network’s (MDN) goal is to reach the millions of the over 50 crowd (300 million) around the world by providing a 4 Channel subscription internet based network geared specifically toward that market.

The big cable providers have begun to shift their technology and marketing efforts to internet based services, as they see the future of TV becoming centered around the internet and mobile devices. AT&T spent $48.5B to purchase DirecTV 2 years ago and now have launched their new internet based TV offerings, DirecTV Now, DirecTV Mobile and DirecTV Preview. These internet based TV offerings will replace the satellite and cable based services.

America’s seniors have historically been late adopters to the world of technology compared to their younger compatriots, but their movement into digital life continues to deepen, according to newly released data from the Pew Research Center, two different groups of older Americans emerge. The first group (which leans toward younger, more highly educated, or more affluent seniors) has relatively substantial technology assets, and has a positive view toward the benefits of online platforms. The other (which tends to be older and less affluent, often with significant challenges with health or disability) is largely disconnected from the world of digital tools and services, both physically and psychologically.

As the internet plays an increasingly central role in connecting Americans of all ages to news and information, government services, health resources, and opportunities for social support, these divisions are noteworthy—particularly for the many organizations and individual caregivers who serve the older adult population. Among the key findings of this research:

Six in ten seniors now go online, and just under half are broadband adopters

Media Data Network Has designed a network focused on the 50 plus global market.  Our major focus is on the quality of life and to entertain the membership of Senior TV. We call our channel and market ( 

We have designed a four-channel solution:

Karls Kitchen: A channel with our initial production is a Dinner and a Show starring with one of the world’s finest Chef.  His 30 years of industry knowledge includes all facets of healthy and tasteful food. His gregarious personality will make him a household favorite.

The production will be at a major Las Vegas property as a “dinner and a show.  Not only is our chef entertaining and educational we will have A talent “Guess Who is Coming to Dinner” performing after the Cooking is completed. The performance will be in a homey atmosphere with the talent right on the floor with our dinner guests. It provides an opportunity for our in-house and STV guests to interact with the talent.  The Vegas show room will be built out like a large kitchen dining room atmosphere. One of the shows will be interactive and offered to our Senior TV channel.  Our interactive Senior TV Members will be cooking with our Chef as well as interacting with our talent. The big data analytics provided by MDN will provide information to our market for questions, entertainment, information, education, and tips on food and health.

Our merchandising solution for our interactive Senior TV Members include delivering the main ingredients for the meal will be delivered to them the day prior so they will be prepared and excited. We have designed a private label package with our Chef which provides physically interacting with our Senior TV Members.  This provides us contact with our Senior TV Members digitally, physically, and ongoing as left over spices etc. will remain in the kitchen of our Senior TV Members reminding them of our channel. We are contracting with one of the world’s largest and most respected food providers to handle the preparing and shipping of our food products. Our Senior TV Members will receive discounts on food (as supported by local grocery chains) and other items provided by our channel. When they travel to Vegas a discount on meals and rooms for them at our Sponsoring casino will be included.

The supporting shows on this channel will include our “Tranquility Channel”.  This show offers some of the world’s best natural beauty without any human or animal interference.  Only Mother Nature is the star.  This show is produced by Wayne Williams, a global phenomenon and videographer with the 3D stile of filming.  This show is perfect for our Senior TV Members wanting tranquility, peaceful surroundings, recuperating environments, or a virtual escape. This Channel will also be sold to Doctors Office waiting Rooms, Hospitals, businesses, Dentist offices, as well as any potential hostile environments.

Master Classes: Classes in many areas including, usage of computers, usage of mobile phones, software solutions, acting, singing, instruments, entertaining, production, marionettes, photography, indoor growing, and many more.  All classes are taught by top industry experts. These classes are taught in a web sharing environment.  Some of the initial classes will be on our platform.  This will provide the senior a comfortable feeling to attend classes.  Out platform hosts the entire Microsoft office 2016 product suite so the member will never have a problem in opening any type of document or production we offer.

Senior TV also offers our members a private video conferencing solution on this channel.  This solution has been designed for simple ease of use.  This solution will allow private communication between our users and their family, medical provider, support staff, and small group training.  This is not a Facebook type solution it is intended for the Senior to have privacy and respect for their communications without the whole world being privy to their situation or family. The platform is HIPPA certified to provide top secrecy for their information.

Classical TV:  This channel offers a multitude of classical content for pleasurable viewing for our members. STV.LIFE houses all the content in all genera including travel channels, food shows, movies, concerts, sporting events, private shows and special events. This allows STV.LIFE to provide better deliverables and analytics to assist our members. We are providing this to our Senior TV viewers to offer them access to the entertainment that they love and choose.

Tranquility TV: The Tranquility Channel provides calming, peaceful visuals of  "Mother Nature” allowing the viewer to relax and experience a walk through the beautiful landscapes of our planets pristine forests, oceans, mountains and gardens, all in the comfort of your own home or office. Providing hours of contentment that connect you with Nature in a most profound and subtle 3D experience of sights and sounds, all on a 2D screen. These stunning ambient content HDSereneScapes® films are intended to support a calming and peaceful state of mind in our ever-present pursuit of happiness.

Channels we don’t provide include News, Religion, Political, Adult content, or weather. If the seniors wish to have this content it is available free on their mobile device. Our business model is to be non-confrontational and supportive.

MDN has years of experience and relationships which provides us this opportunity. The companies and their high-end technology and services include; NVidia, HP and their Vertica system, HP IDOL, Wolfe for a 100G dark fiber optic connection to the world, CISCO for global hardware, software, integration, which also includes their Data Center Networking services, The Jet Group for building and managing of the MDN OTT Network on our Super Computers.

In short, MDN brings its long list of entertainment and technology relationships and talent it has nearly limitless platforms on the internet at with picture perfect programming in HD quality that can reach a potential audience of up to 20,000,000 at any given time.        

As evidenced by MDN’s relationships with strategic vendors, producers, entertainers, and industry experts the Company has built a reputation for outstanding performance and technical leadership.  The Company has identified and is tracking to a market progression path that takes it from a ground breaking solutions supplier to the dominant production management solution, machine learning, analytics, Virtual Reality, Video On Demand, live production, training and the Commercial market verticals.  MDN’s current customer base is spread across multiple vendors, partners, providers, and is solidly anchored in contracts related to the market.

 Company is currently tracking several near term business opportunities valued at $29.1 million over the next three years, including $7.5 million of potential revenue from new business in FY2017, and is conservatively projecting revenue and Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization (“EBITDA”) of $41.6 million and $94.1 million respectively. 

Based on our discussions with other media companies and service providers, a set of strategic priorities is addressed to succeed in this market. It is not just a matter of addressing one or two. The new market demands a laser focus on addressing all business imperatives to succeed. MDN has a solution for these requirements.

•           Content—Ensure content is delivered on all devices, in all formats, and with a high quality of experience and ease of use for the viewer. The core platform is provided by Wolfe backed by CISCO and other vendors.

•           Customer lifetime value—Improve the average revenue per user (“ARPU”) and reduce the churn by offering free minimum services, such as a network personal video recorder, and offer customized content to lock in the viewer focused needs.

•           Innovation—The agility to test new ways to monetize content and business models, with a fail-early, fail-fast approach, and without committing to an upfront cash outflow.

•           Online Sponsors—Optimize the monetization of online advertising by increasing the inventory and tailoring advertising to the end users’ views and needs.

•           Operational efficiency—Offers full scalability while rationalizing the organization, processes, and IT infrastructures in a new context in which hundreds of virtual machines and software is configured/maintained.

Turning these imperatives into action requires an infrastructure that scales with demand, and manages the desired level of flexibility, while keeping costs under control. In a highly competitive market, context with aggressive OTT competitors that saving capital and operational expenditures is key.

One of the key tenets of MDN’s system architecture and product philosophy is to provide comprehensive and easily customizable solutions to a broad range of markets and applications for our members. The Company’s all-encompassing solution is designed to provide a tailored “sense and respond” management framework offering Senior TV Members operational intelligence without a significant response.  No matter the application, MDN provides a single solution based around a four-stage solution stream: Product Sales, Data and Communication Services, Software Services, and Professional Services.   

These solutions unite into a single platform, making MDN a top tier provider of the OTT solution which includes services supported by the global leaders in the industry.  Management and staff are also recognized in the industry as top performers. 

This shift toward virtual environments have profound implications from an organizational point of view. Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Apple have all launched OTT networks. The in-house OTT business model of MDN insures the confidentiality and ease of learning for our market.

MDN’s capabilities can turn customer data into relevant insights having an impact on research and development (“R&D”), marketing, and post-sales processes. This data is positioned in the data center (“NOC”) of MDN where the content will be securely stored and provided via a private network over the internet and or a Set Top Box solution. (“STB”). In the past, the few available data were stored in user devices. This data may be used and shared outside the organization, but first, there is a need to have the tools to render the data.

The MDN OTT network platform (www.STV.LIFE)is designed to address this very current and significant marketplace. Many might think that social media is the exclusive domain of the younger generation. However, many of our older adults have enthusiastically adopted it to keep up with the times—as well as with their old acquaintances and younger family members. Grandparents are becoming proficient in “alien” concepts such as video conferencing and social media, and they’re liking it. Use of today’s technology has become a healthy emotional outlet, and word of its benefits has spread like wildfire among the elderly.

Big Data Analytics is Our Core Business

At the core of MDN is a Big Data analytical platform provided by U. S. BioSensors Inc.  We use the data retrieved on this platform to identify our customers, serve our customers, research the needs of our customers and provide interaction for their well being. One of the key tenets of MDN’s system architecture and product philosophy is to provide a comprehensive and easily customizable solution to a broad range of Senior markets and service offerings to our senior providers and users.

MDN’s in-house solution provides software, technology, storage, hardware, customer support and infrastructure management inside the organization. The advantage of this solution (MDN) is that it maintains full control of the organization, using the infrastructure and eliminating most of the dependencies that typically arise when external partners are involved. It is not only a matter of having full control of daily operations, but more importantly, it is a long-term strategic choice as the organization continues to acquire more core capabilities. Our data is secured in a datacenter environment that we control.  Our data center is HIPAA, PCI DSS, SSAE 16, and SOC compliant.