The solution emulates full data center hot site back up in a blended private cloud and collocation environment: eliminating the need for complete hardware and software redundant costs, saving up to 80% in hot site build outs. All software, data, VMware, Network Dependencies and load balancing are imaged and backed upped in real time through secure private cloud service.

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AI is completely reshaping life sciences, medicine, and healthcare as an industry. To further that transformation, NVIDIA is democratizing deep learning by providing an end-to-end AI computing platform designed for the healthcare community. 


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USBioSensors provides artificial intelligence as-a-service (AIaaS) ...

Offering Turnkey IT  Cloud solutions 


Imagine coming home to an oasis where you can control every experience with just the sound of your voice. Too hot? Say the word and your home cools down. Want to put on some music and chill? It’s all there at your command. 


The Proprietary deep learning platform offered by  MDN and built on hardware with NVidia and other technologies is the backbone of the network.  Supported by one of the worlds top data infrastructure companies allows U. S. BioSensors a cost effective way to offer this solution.

This platform is housed at the MDN Data Center In Las Vegas, Nevada and Silicon Valley.

NVIDIA GPU Cloud is built for maximum performance on the world’s fastest GPUs and integrates our optimized deep learning frameworks, NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK, libraries, drivers and operating system. 

AI and Deep Learning for everyone...


U. S. BioSensors technology platform was created for Companies that need a turnkey IT department cloud solution. If you are a production house, media company, content creator, or entertainer that is building a business and needs someone to provide end to end technology solutions that enable you to sell content directly to your audience from their own private media streaming cloud than MDN is here for you. As a customer, you have total control of your content, distribution, and customer data so you can market effectively, scale quickly and generate more revenue.

Exclusive subscription based private cloud solutions
Our proprietary “3-Minute Survey” will identify the core attitudes of your customers, staff and partners that will increase focus, improve choices and alter lives. We call this “attitude demographics” that is based on over a million surveys with 88% accuracy and 35 years of research. This will enable our clients to personalize their marketing versus the one size fits all approach. No guess work or hit/miss marketing.

Sensitive customer data is protected, certified and compliant with industry security standards

All data, analytics and content is owned, produced, or licensed and resides on our private servers. No “Big Media” intervention – meaning privacy with no outside influences for subscribers.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL) platform, powered by Nvidia Graphics Processing Units, collects volumes of data to predict, educate, entertain and support our markets bringing revenue-generating solutions. (The right content and the right time)

Our proprietary video conferencing communication platform powered by ZOOM which facilitates direct face to face, real-time communications for you and/or your subscribers. 

NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) is a GPU-accelerated platform that runs everywhere. Data scientists and researchers can now rapidly build, train, and deploy neural network models to address some of the most complicated AI challenges. NGC manages a catalog of fully integrated and optimized deep learning framework containers. This NGC Deep Learning Stack is optimized to run on any accelerated computing environment, from PC with NVIDIA TITAN Xp or GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti to NVIDIA DGX™ Systems or the cloud, providing flexibility as your deep learning needs evolve.

​NGC Deep Learning Stack, built by NVIDIA experts, is pre-integrated, performance-optimized, and includes all of the leading deep learning frameworks, cuDNN, NCCL,TensorRT, GPU drivers, NVIDIA® CUDA® and Linux operating system, so you can start innovating in hours instead of weeks.

​Deep learning is now available for everyone, developers using an NVIDIA TITAN Xp, data scientists experimenting on an NVIDIA DGX Station™, enterprises with NVIDIA DGX-1™ in the data center, or cloud first organizations.

​Get access to the highest-performing GPU accelerated solutions, including everything you need  to get started. With the flexibility to keep your workload on premises, or simply use the training or inference capacity in the cloud, data scientists and researchers are no longer compute resource constrained.