CES Shield SPOT Launch

Our OTT Network

The Special Sauce of this platform is that it resides on a HIPAA certified platform providing privacy, security, confidentiality, ease of use, personal choice and access to our senior demographics support team through a secure private video/voice based senior network.  


U. S.  BioSensors offers Shield and SPOT by NVidia as our home automation solution for our senior demographic market. This gives them the ability to use VOICE commands and motion to run their technology environment. This allows seniors to “Jump” right over the tedious problems of learning all the new technologies. 


The Proprietary deep learning platform offered by  U. S. BioSensors and built on hardware with NVidia and other technologies is the backbone of the network.  Supported by one of the worlds top data infrastructure companies allows U. S. BioSensors a cost effective way to offer this solution.

This platform is housed at the U. S. BioSensors Data Center In Las Vegas, Nevada